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Wholesome Meals for the Week – Made Simple

Too busy to cook, don’t know where to start or simply don’t enjoy cooking? We’ve got you covered with our healthy plant-based gluten free meals.

Let’s face it: we live in a time when our hectic schedules make it easy to fall into unhealthy dietary habits. Our bi-weekly meal service is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have the time to prepare nutritious meals but still wants to eat a healthy, balanced diet. At Chef Veganessa, we thrive on making nutrient dense dishes that warm the soul and thrill the taste buds. We’re glad to do all the heavy lifting for you, so you can free up your time and still benefit from the best that nature has to offer.

Each week, we’ll offer you two different menus with multiple options to choose from so that your taste buds never get bored. Each meal represents one large single portion.

How it works

Two different menus every week packed with healthy meals and sides:

Tuesday Menu
Orders must be received no later than Sunday 9pm
Delivery available for zone 1 (Tuesday Delivery Zones)
For customers outside of zone 1, in-store pick up and drop-off locations are available

Thursday Menu
Orders must be received no later than Tuesday 9pm
Delivery available for zone 2 (Thursday Delivery Zones)
For customers outside of zone 2, in-store pick up and drop off locations available

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3 Ways to Get Your Order

1. In-store pick up during pick up hours

2:00PM – 6:00PM
2:00PM – 6:00PM

2. Drop off location order pick up

(every Tuesday and Thursday between 4pm and 7pm):

  • Uniprix (Pincourt)
  • Biotope (Vaudreuil)

3. Delivery

  • Deliveries are subject to minimum order quantities, delivery fees and must fall within our delivery zone.
  • Meals are typically delivered between 2:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Our driver will ring the doorbell and leave the food at the front door, unless instructed otherwise.
  • Please check which delivery zone you fall into (Zone 1 for Tuesday’s Menu; Zone 2 for Thursday’s Menu)
  • If you fall outside of a delivery zone for a given menu (Tuesday or Thursday), delivery is not an available option. However, you can pick up your order in-store or at one of our 2 drop off locations.