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We’ve created a festive menu that is 100% plant based &gluten-free, to take the stress off of holiday cooking! Our menu includes healthy, wholesome, and tasty bake at home meals for all to enjoy! It’s simple, freeze (optional), bake and serve!

We are offering two pickup dates:

SATURDAY DECEMBER 16TH (pick up between 4-6pm)

SATURDAY DECEMBER 23RD (pick up between 4-7pm)

To place your order send an email to info@veganessa.ca with the following information: your selected menu items, your name, address, phone number, delivery or pick up date. AN EMAIL WILL BE SENT TO YOU TO CONFIRM YOUR ORDER.

Delivery fee depending on your zone (please inquire to see if your address falls within our delivery route)Minimum amount for delivery is $75.00 before applicable taxes.

Deadline to place your order, Monday December 11th.

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Our daily dietary choices have the power to energize our bodies, clear our minds and positively impact our well-being. Find out why the creators of Chef Veganessa embarked on their journey to bring the best that nature has to offer to you and your loved ones.

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Healthy minds need healthy foods – even when we’re on the go. Born from popular demand by our loving fans, our new In-Store and Take Out menu ensures that you always have nutrient-dense meals that warm the soul, even when pressed for time.

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Bi-Weekly Meal Service

Imagine having chef-crafted meals that are brimming with health promoting nutrients all week long. Look no further: our signature Meal Service provides you with two new menus every week, loaded with healthy meals and sides that will dazzle your taste buds.